Fire Command Center Code References

The following code references are snippets from the Houston Fire Code that pertain to the Fire Command Center.

604.2.14.1 Standby power. A standby power system shall be provided. Where the standby system is a generator set inside a building, the system shall be located in a separate room enclosed with 2-hour fire barriers constructed In accordance with Section 707 of the International Building Code or horizontal assemblies constructed in accordance with Section 711 of the International Building Code, or both. System supervision with manual start and transfer features shall be provided at the fire command center.

907.2.13.2 Fire department communication system. Where a wired communication system is approved in lieu of an emergency responder radio coverage system in accordance with Section 510, the wired fire department communication system shall be designed and installed in accordance with NFPA 12 and shall operate between a fire command center complying with Section 508, elevators, elevator lobbies, emergency and standby power rooms, fire pump rooms, areas of refuge and inside enclosed exit stairways. The fire department communication device shall be provided at each floor level within the enclosed exit stairway.

Section 909 – Smoke Control Systems

909.15 Control diagrams. Identical control diagrams showing all devices in the system and identifying their location and function shall be maintained current and kept on file with the fire code official, the fire department and in the fire command center in a format and manner approved.

909.16 Fire-fighter’s smoke control panel. A firefighter’s smoke control panel for fire department emergency response purposes only shall be provided and shall include manual control or override of automatic control for mechanical smoke control systems. The panel shall be located in a fire command center complying with Section 508 in high-rise buildings or buildings with smoke-protected assembly seating. In all other buildings, the firefighter’s smoke control panel shall be installed in an approved location adjacent to the fire alarm control panel. The firefighter’s smoke control panel shall comply with Sections 909.16.1 through 909.16.3.

Section 1007 – Accessible Means of Egress

[B] 1001.8.1 System requirements. Two-way communication systems shall provide communication between each required location and the fire command center or a central control point location approved by the fire department. Where the central control point is not constantly attended, a two-way communication system shall have a timed automatic telephone dial-out capability to a monitoring location or 9-1-1. The two-way communication system shall include both audible and visible signals.

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