In today’s world, we are often inundated with information from different sources in which we must decide what is good or bad information. We have developed the courses on our site to assist the High-rise community in making safe and sound choices that will save lives when practiced.

The Houston Fire Department’s Life Safety Bureau would like to thank the Houston High-rise TRIAD Group for using their platform to influence placing these valuable courses online for occupants of high-rise buildings located within the City of Houston. Their input has been invaluable and sincere.

Please watch this hilarious episode about an office fire drill before you begin the course below. The video shows how some people may panic during stressful situations, how groupthink sometimes takes over and how not to respond in these types of situations. Remaining calm and knowing your building’s fire safety plan will help you to think under pressure. The video may be funny, but in a real-life situation knowing how to respond could save lives.

The course for Highrise Fire Warden Certification is being offered for free due to open classes being canceled. If you do not have a login, you will be asked to register. After filling out the registration form, you will not receive a registration confirmation email (that feature was bypassed due to the course being free). You will be returned to the login page to login to the course using your username and password that you used filling out the registration form.

Please use another web browser if this site does not show correctly with the browser you are using.

Fire Marshal Approval

Fire Marshal Approval for TCO Requests

This course is for members of the Houston Fire Department Life Safety Bureau only. The course covers items needed for Fire Marshal Approval for TCO.

Fire Warden Certification

High-rise Fire Warden Certification

Emergency Planning and Preparedness. This course is for individuals who are tasked with becoming the Fire Warden for their company. The course covers a typical fire safety plan and how to respond.

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